About BJ

Hi, I'm BJ Szwedzinski, I have been training dogs for 33 years. Here is my story:

* Bachelor of Science University of Massachusetts 1976
* Grooming School, 1977
* Canine Control Officer, Southbury CT, 1978 - 1980
* Iams Pet Food Sales Representative. State of Massachusetts, 1984- 1988
* Shelter Operations Manager, Broward County Animal Control, FL, 1989- 1991
* Graduate School for Special Education Degree, 1991- 1993
* Director of Education , Jacksonville Humane Society, FL, 1993- 1996
* Invisible Fence, Subcontractor/ Dog Trainer, 1997- 2006
* dog leg productions, 1976 - present

About KCJ

KCJ Bio pic

KCJ is my daughter and my best friend. she is an excellent trainer combining my style, her compassion and her own techniques. KCJ has been doing this all her life and she brings to the business a composite of empathy and professionalism that dogs sense and people admire. she is a senior at the university of north florida in art history with a print making minor.

At only 26 years old, KCJ shows incredible promise as a trainer and a businesswoman. I am proud to call her a partner.










Through 30 years of training dogs, we have developed the following philosophies and mission statement, which we hope to share with the public.

Mission Statement-Philosophy & Technique

PHILOSOPHY - Challenge your dog
MISSION STATEMENT- Train to a standard of excellence
TECHNIQUE - If an owner becomes disabled, the dog would be able to facilitate as a service/therapy dog where as the dog's behavior would all in into any facility

PHILOSOPHY - Protect children
MISSION STATEMENT- Protect children
TECHNIQUE- Train heel, come, sit, down and stay, then format into socialization where as the dog can be trusted in any interaction

PHILOSOPHY- Keep your dog at home
MISSION STATEMENT- provide a positive and mutually understanding relationship with dog so it can say in the home lifelong
TECHNIQUE- Educate! Don't violate! Avoid saying: "no", yelling and using "punishment". Use relationship building skills to optimize a dog's relationship ...provide an atmosphere of trust, and respect...use appropriate body language and voice tone...be consistent ...expect compliance and be willing to back it up!

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